BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY has surpassed all strategic concepts in terms of value creation and cost savings.

Blue Ocean Strategy (the book sold 4 million copies and translated in 46 languages) remains the most global game-changing concept since its inception in 2005. The founders of the concept are Dr. W. Chan Kim and Dr. Renée Mauborgne, both jointly top with No. 1 position on Thinkers50. Dr. Kim is advisor to European Union and Dr. Mauborgne remained advisor to former US president Barack Obama for his 2 presidential terms, and both are fellows of World Economic Forum. Blue Ocean Strategy is about making the competition irrelevant and creating unique uncontested market-space and value for adopters.

Some important game changing results Blue Ocean Strategy produced:

* Four Trillion dollar companies by market cap in the global business history (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet)

* Justin Trudeau: Surprise success in 2015 Canadian National Presidential Elections

* Malaysia: Landmark 59% increase in Gross National Income, 78% increase in GDP Per Capita, with creation of 2 million new jobs

* Apple Inc: Unbeatable i-series (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iOS)

* Commercial uncontested market space created by Google, Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Viagra, Gillette, Red Bull, Tesla Cars, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb,, Starbucks, Petrobras, Petronas, CAT, BASF, SpaceX, Cemex, and many more.

Following the colossal success of Blue Ocean Strategy for Govt. of Malaysia, 23 more countries and states are officially adopting Blue Ocean Strategy as central policy to their national development plans.

The strategy is built upon 2 metaphors of Red and Blue; red, the traditional competitive markets vs. blue where blue ocean strategy makes the competition irrelevant by creating a totally uncontested markerspace.




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