100-Corporate Institute provides corporate training and executive workshops in 20 of its own crafted disciplines which are necessary for all forward-looking and visionary business leaders to learn and adopt for the greatest success of their business enterprises. These 20 disciplines are result of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and leadership insights gained from 100 thinkers, 100 companies and 100 concepts, which crown today's global industry landscape.

For CEOs, Presidents, VPs and high-level management, 100-Corporate's "Certified Business Leader" series covers monumental range from World Business Knowledge Bank of 100-Corporate.

Organizational Strategy Executive Leadership Enterprise Management Industry Competition
Corporate Excellence Global Growth Dynamic Transformation Disruptive Innovation
Consummate Experience Standout Branding Multinational Marketing Rainmake Selling
Breakthrough Startup Superlative Performance Radical Pricing Expanded Sustainability
Analytics Planning Technology Integration Board Governance Future Calibration


Class Duration Fees
Express 12 hours $1000
Executive 42 hours $4000
Enterprise 100 hours $10,000


The certifications are available in 20 disciplines linked below, each consists of fast-track, extensive, result-oriented, to-the-point, meaningfully direct, and essential knowledge based curriculum, to jump-start companies on an instant and sustainable global growth trajectory.  

Click on discipline of your choice in the section below and register with us by sending an email of interest to info@100corporate.com .

EXECUTIVE Certifications